Reporting crises. Needs assessment survey (Keti Mskhiladze, Tamar Kintsurashvili, Hedayah, 2020)

This needs assessment survey was conducted within the framework of the project “Prevention of and Responding to Radicalizing Narratives in Georgia” implemented by the MDF with the assistance from Hedayah International Centre of Excellence for Countering Violent Extremism. The aim of the survey was to identify problems in reporting and accessing information about terrorist acts, violent extremism and other crises as well as to draw up recommendations based on the findings.

The survey envisaged the conduct of face-to-face interviews with representatives of media and relevant state entities’ strategic communication services so as to consider views of both parties in developing recommendations to tackle identified problems. However, due to the problem in communication on the part of state representatives, which was limited to providing a very small amount of information in writing alone, some changes were made to the design of the survey. To assess the activity of media and public strategic communication services, interviews were additionally conducted with experts in the areas of media, minority issues, security and strategic communications.

The project implemented with the support from Hedayah and the EU aims at strengthening capacity of Georgian media, state and non-state actors to prevent radicalization and efficiently respond to violent extremism and terrorism; in all this effective communication plays an important role.

This report contains the survey methodology, key findings, survey data and recommendations developed within the format of a working group involving various actors.

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TopicPreventing violent extremism


Themes: Preventing violent extremism
Countries: Georgia